Friday, 8 February 2013

'Blind Date With a Book' Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Was checking email and got one from Books Bones & Buffy (check it out great blog!) and found this Giveaway.

Hope over to this Blog  Great Imaginations,  They  have a great giveaway plus there are many reviews of books on this site.  So if you like to read check it out!!

Here is a sneak peek of the  'Blind Date With a Book' Valentine's Day Giveaway! prizes(the first 5),

Dating Profiles:

Name: Mystery Book #1 

For Fun: Cross-country traveling

Favorite Things: Summer days, pyromania, road trips

Seeking reader who loves romance and self-discovery

Name: Mystery Book #2 

For Fun: Space Travel, Assassination, Grieving

Favorite Things: The Promised Land, Botany, Rebellion

Seeking: A reader who finds romantic sci-fi fascinating! 

Name: Mystery Book #3 

For Fun: Surviving the Apocalypse, City Living

Favorite Things: Healthy partners, Non-polluted drinking water, action and adventure

Seeking: A reader who is looking for adventure while surviving the dystopian landscape while taking strolls downtown in New York City.

Name: Mystery Book #4 

For Fun: Séances, Spiritualism, college life

Favorite Things: England, Fringe Science, Murder

Seeking: A reading partner who loves supernatural romance and can forgive a book with a secret past.

Name: Mystery Book #5 

For Fun: Animals, Family Traditions

Favorite Things: Middle school, baby animals

Seeking: Hello! I am looking for someone who loves mythical creatures and middle school adventures!

Isn't that cute!!!  A blind date with a book!!!!!

Check it out, this contest is International, so all can enter (unless mailing address not on planet Earth LOL!)

Have a fun day, remember to read, it is good for the body and the soul!!!!!

Alice M

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