Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Beautiful Cats with Unconditional Love up for adoption

 Okay some more beautiful kitties looking for homes!
You will notice that a lot of the cats are sponsored,
That means there are people out there who, although can not adopt, are willing to help others adopt!!!!
What a beautiful gift!!  To both the cats and their new human families!!
Think about it, complete strangers giving the gift of love to people they do not know.
Animals are such wonderful creatures, they give love without asking for anything, it is unconditional.
Foxy (my lovely cat) has decided to take some of my pictures from the centre to write a little article about the Cat Adoption Centre.
Maybe when you are done here you can check it out at Foxy's World.

Now there where quite a few cats today, as you will see!

Sassy, Cat of the week, and sponsored!

Rosietta, sponsored.

These four cats are all sponsored.



Now this one if you look real close has long fur,                     ahhhhh so cute!!!!!!

 These four cats are not sponsored but they are all special and maybe soon will have sponsors!
Check out the first one, Olivia, the orange tabby, almost missed her!!!

 These 3 are not sponsored yet either.

and this one is so cute!!!! Check it out, the way he is sleeping!!
Nose right up in the air!!!!!!

I feel really bad, every time I go over there and I didn't notice this sign!!!
I am told they provide the cages. 
These are good size cages and the one is 2 cages with a walk way at the top to go from one to the other.
Here is there site.  You can rig an outdoor area for your animal with worry of them wondering off or attached by another animal. 
Check it out some really neat ideas and they are in many areas of Canada and the USA.

As I said earlier Foxy and I are writing a little article on the Cat Adoption Centre.
Just about what we (I) have seen and the cute pictures and looks of the centre.

Well I will let you go for now.  I have to go help Foxy with her blog.
Not easy translating Meowurr into English!!


P.S. Meowurr (noun) the language of cats, big and small.  Like humans there are many variations of the language but once you understand one form you more or less understand all.


  1. This is great that you are doing this, and I hope all these sweethearts find homes very soon! They will bring joy to someone's life.

    1. Thank you I just hope that someone from around here sees it and adopts one or if not around here adopt one in their own area. Hopefully next time I go in these ones are already adopted and there are new ones to help!!!!


  2. These cat babies are all so precious!! I think it's fabulous that so many of them are sponsored!!! Great people who care!

    1. Yes they are precious!!! The sponsors are great, it started off as one once in a while than two now there are many!! I am so happy!!! More cats to find a home!!!

  3. Thanks for the meaning of Meowurr! LOL!

  4. Alice, I just wanted to tell you what a BEAUTIFUL BLOG you have!!! I have added your blog to my blog list on blog. Unfortunately, I am always working and do not seem to have near enough time to actually be able to keep up with all of the great blogs I enjoy.

    Much love,


    1. Thank you!!!!! And thank you for adding me!!! I know how you feel I have been working more than normal and seems like there isn't enough hours in the day!!!!!!


  5. The international language of Meowurr :) Hope everyone finds their way to a good home very, very soon.

    1. Me too than can work on getting the other kitties homes too! MOL! ;~)

  6. Wish I could take them all home. I've got five cats--all rescues. If anyone here has not tried life with a cat(s), give it a try--you'll love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm following both of your awesome blogs!

    1. Thank you!! I four cats myself. I believe they do make wonderful pets and companions. I love your blog as well, and love books in all forms, yours was the first I found with audio books.



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