Sunday, 17 February 2013

More than just cats and kittens!

Inside the Cat Adoption Centre is more than just cats and kittens.
There is information and as you see here, things for sale.
The money goes to the Spay and Neuter Clinic.
Check this out!
Lots of nice things!

 They have a section of books for people to look at, about cats.
I wouldn't mind owning a few of these to add to my collection.

 Here is the pricing signs for the cost of a puppy or kitten
This is what you get when you adopt a kitten or cat.
The full price is a $140 but if the cat/kitten is sponsored the price goes down.
 Or if it is Tuesday than you get $40 off an black or tuxedo black & white cat.
 This is the money donation statue, isn't it cute!
 This is the board they had for the hearts on the window(I had an earlier picture of the window with the hearts, I will find and post after this one)
 You can see the hearts!!! 
It is not the best picture but you see what I mean. ;)

 Well I have to go now, but just wanted you all see more of the
Cat Adoption Centre
at the Seaway Mall

Alice M


  1. A lovely selection of merchandise. These things help raise funds to provide care for those animals in search of a forever home.

  2. This is fantastic!! If I lived closer, I would help out and donate! Thanks for sharing everything Alice ;o)


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