Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I am happy, Happy HAPPY!

My paintings came today!!!  
They are even more beautiful than I thought!
I could not believe my eyes.
Could not wait to come home to see them!
 Of course I have to show you.
Pictures really don't do them justice. 

Okay 1st:
 The Kiss
By Magiclovecrow (Stacy)


This one is great, beautiful grabs your attention, makes me smile.
What you can not see is the glitter paint on it!
I tried to capture it but I can not!


Now check this out! 
The 2 pictures below are of the side view of the is painting, 
Putting a frame on this one would cover these details up!
Plus it sits approx an inch from the wall, 
adds to the painting draws your eyes!

Can not wait for everyone to see them!

She also sent this lovely card (love kitties, okay I love all animals!)

Well must go start work early tomorrow, going to be a long day.

Alice (Aj)

Thank you so much Magic!  for letting me love and care for your lovely paintings


  1. They really are beautiful. The artist is quite talented.

  2. I am crying happy tears!! Alice you have made my year! Bless your heart! You know, it's kind of cool, being called Magic! LOL! Big Hugs my friend ;o)


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