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International Women's Day March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day!!
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I want to thank a very beautiful woman for reminding me that today was coming.  She actually sent me a "Women's Day" card.  She creates wonderful music with her fantastic voice and style.

Thank You Lynda Law!! 

Here is one of her videos.
I believe you will agree her music is a credit to all women, who strive to live and love and learn as the intelligent human beings that we are.
Here is her YouTube Channel, Facebook Page

I also want to thank all the women out there for just being who you are.  Everyday I meet more of you here on the internet, through blog and other social medias.
It is wonderful that there is a day for women.  
It is a way to make the world aware of the many things that women help others and strive to better the world.
But most importantly it shows all the world the injustices done to women, some before they are born and never have a chance to better our world.   
There are women out there who are treated worse than a rabid dog.  Not even acknowledge as a living, feeling human being.  Young girls treated as toys and slaves for the enjoyment of men.
There are countries where women have not one single right.  They can not show the world their face, or voice an opinion.  They are not allowed the right to a faithful marriage or the right to leave a harmful one.
There are young girls out there that will never know what it feels like to go to school, or read and write.
Many will never have the right to choose who they want to love and marry.
 Even more will never grow up at all.
There are women who everyday work hard in a factory or other job just to survive, but yet may not make it home because the country they live in do not consider that raping and killing women is really all that bad, and the men never looked for or arrested.

We live in a world where "humans" are supposedly equal.  
Yet color and race are still considered as inferior by many, which is wrong and not even close to the truth.
Women are humans too, we have the right to live and be free.  We are not inferior either.
Women through time have proved this.  

Maybe one day when we all finally stand up to those who put down our sisters because they are women, or brothers because of their race, color or religion, we can turn International Women's Day, to
International People Day, just to remind us never, ever to treat another human being as subhuman or inferior.

I would love to see that day come!
I would love to see the world where everyone is equal and never fear being treated so inhumanly again.
That would be the Day to celebrate!!!

That is all I ever wanted, to live in a peaceful world, where hate doe not exist, that no human or animal need feel fear for their lives or that of the coming generation.
I know I will never see that world, but I will try everyday to make that world possible.
So that maybe our children's children may see this world. 

I sometimes try to picture the people's of the future seeing
"International Women's Day in a news clip or paper and saying
 "What kind of people lived than, that they needed a day to make people aware that all are equal?  

Well this is turning out longer than I expected. 
Later today my post will be about the Liebster Blog Award  I was nominated for by two women, 
Catherine Healey from Book Club Librarian
Sopia Bains from Goobledygook Book Hooked

Until than Remember do something to day for women or girls! 
Let us show the people and countries that we value women!



  1. What a beautiful post Alice! Thank you! A peaceful world, where everyone is equal, what a great thought! Something I know I would love too! We can do it! Happy Women's Day my friend ;o) Hope you are feeling better ;o)Congrats on the award!

  2. Thank you!!! It is a dream that I hope one day will come true! ;)
    Will take some work but worth it! No matter how long it takes! For now will try to change one person at a time! Than they can change one so on and so on.



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