Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Not enough hours in the day!!!

Hi all!
I have no idea where the time has gone!
It feels like I just got home and it is already time for bed!
It is a little hard to concentrate tonight.
Tired and haven't been getting much sleep.

I will finish the nominations as soon as I can.
For some reason can not concentrate at all tonight!
Seems like I just can't get anything done, no matter how much I try!

So I will just have to wait another day to do anything serious, don't want to make any mistakes!
Made like 10 spelling mistakes just writing this! LOL
Thank heavens for spell check!

I will share something with you though.
One of my Facebook friends found this video and sent it to me.
You are going to love this one.

She found it on
Viral Videos

Sleeping Dogs Fail Compilation

Well work in 8 hrs have to go to bed!
See you all later!


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  1. Alice, I know, time does go by fast! Don't you worry about posting and keeping up with things! There are no blogger cops around here! LOL! Maybe you have too many things on your mind, that you can't concentrate? I hope you had a great sleep ;o) Next time, drink some hot milk ;o) I love the dog video!! So funny! Take Care ;o)


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