Saturday, 20 April 2013

Some Flowers, frog, bird, steer head and bookmarks too!

Some flowers I bought at the grocery store. 



Okay this one is from my Easter Flowers, it is the Ivy.




This is what my sister brought me back from her vacation!
They go on the wall!
Think I may put with Magic's Crows!



This is the box they came in, nice isn't it?

Plus 4 new bookmarks for my collection!

Okay gotta go!  Oh yea fixed my time zone finally! LOL

Alice (Aj)


  1. Those items your sister brought you are adorable! I love the bright colours. And flowers always brighten up a room don't they?

  2. Alice, love the flowers!! Beautiful! The ivy is looking good ;o) Love what your sister bought you! Beautiful colors! Fun little creatures ;o) Love the box too ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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