Thursday, 9 May 2013

I almost forgot!!! Check out what

I got from work!

It is for working 5 years!
I love my job!
And they gave me a 


  It is a Sterling Silver Black Onyx!

 I love rings!
It even has the company I work for engraved inside the ring!

They have rings for each 5 year anniversary (eg 10, 15, 20.... )

Okay now I really do have to go!

Alice M


  1. That is lovely! It's always nice to be shown some appreciation at work.

    1. I can't believe it has been 5 years already! But really do love the ring!

  2. Alice, delete the comments on your blog! The ones before mine, for good! You have been spammed! Don't click on them!!!
    I love the ring! I love rings too! Black onyx is a good stone to wear! A protective stone to keep negativity away! Beautiful gift! So happy you have a job you love!
    Big Hugs and take Care ;o)

    1. Okay done delete them! When I got the email thought they went to spam, will check from now on thanks!
      Is not great! I love it. Still hard to believe 5 YEARS!
      And I do love my job! Thanks for the comment!

      {{Alice}} ;)


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