Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I found this article and I have to

Share it!
You all know how much I love animals and my cat Foxy says she understands why I want it on my site (She did try to talk me into putting it on hers LOL)

I found it on Facebook, it was originally from BuzzFeed Animals.

Wild Cat And Fox Are Best Friends

(Pictures Via: imgur.com)

In Lake Van, Turkey...

…these two were spotted by local fishermen.

They have been seen together for over a year now.

They play together.


No, it’s OK.

They just fight ‘cause they like each other so much.

Was that not the cutest thing !!!!!
Now you know why I had to share it!
I love foxes and kitties!
Really I do!

Well I have to go.
All the projects and work has hurt my left wrist/hand. 
 Typing slower now, have to  wear a brace for a while
 (but will still be typing etc. just will be more careful take breaks)
Doctor is making me an appointment to have it checked out with a neurologist,
but that probably won't be for a few weeks or month or so. 
Says I have to wear it night and day.
Just will not be able to move my left wrist and only some movement with my fingers.
Should be able to do my job as well, just have to remember to be careful.
So will still be posting and will have to take breaks and read more blogs- 
what I should have been doing in the first place, probably would not have hurt myself!

See you all soon!
Alice M


  1. What an adorable story. I love when different animals get along like this. Sorry about your hand. I hope it heals quickly!

    1. I love foxes and cats, just had to share! Glad you liked it!

      As for healing quickly, well can't see specialist until Oct 17, 2013!

      It is really hard to type with this thing on. Keep hitting windows home key and opening apps without realizing it! LOL

      It is slowing me down plus seems that always working! No time for anything! But working on that, only a 2 projects left, hopefully done by June!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Will try and make some rounds in a bit!


  2. Alice!! I am so sorry about your wrist and hand!! Please take care of yourself!! I LOVE this fox and cat!! So cute and special! I felt like playing with them! Thanks for the smile ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. Hi sorry took so long to answer these comments! Have no idea where the time is going! My wrist and hand working against me. Tried to take brace of for a bit but within 10 mins hand started to go to sleep! Guess for now will have to get used to it! Worked all last week and it only slowed me a bit. It is the typing that is slowing me down! LOL
      I love typing, now paying for it ;)!

      Glad you like the pictures, hope I can find more like this!

      Thanks for commenting and coming to see me! Hopefully will be visiting you soon!


  3. So cute fox and cat...Its seems that both in very special...Like it


    1. I am glad you liked it. I love pictures and stories like this!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting, I really appreciate it!


  4. Alice, I am so sorry about your wrist! But, I am so happy to read the new post! The fox and cat are so cute! Try this service paper editing service to know more. The pics are great!


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