Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Please Read Important Info on Paypal phishing email!

Hi all!  Got a received a weird email today on an email account that was not signed up for PayPal.

Please if you get one like this (or any for a purchase you did not make) DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK IN THE EMAIL!!!!!

Here is what it looks like:  (click picture to see better)

  • Now you can tell this is fake by the name of sender, see the email in green below?  That
    is actually the name of sender, the real sender is the email in brackets (and purple)  
    service@pa​ypal.com (dowelledk@empireskate.org)

Now if you get one of  these please forward to spoof@paypal.com

This email is not real, you will not be charged  I actually called PayPal and reported it and got to forwarding email address.

Please remember to report fraudulent emails that you receive AND NEVER CLICK ANY LINK INSIDE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you have received any other emails like these that I have not mentioned here or on my site, please feel free to send them to me (or copy and paste them in a new email) to 

I will gladly write a post to warn others!  Of course I will not publish your email or any others that are in it, accept the fake senders of course!

Here is the other post I did on the bank emails:

Its not your bank DO NO CLICK THE LINK!

Thanks for your time and remember to be careful with your emails and the links inside!

Alice M (Aj)

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  1. Hey Alice, you have been spammed again on your blog! You have to get rid of these ding dongs!! Thanks for sharing about the Paypal! I got this e-mail too! Uggg!!


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