Thursday, 9 May 2013

Two more beautiful paintings to

add to my collection.  
Of course these 2 are from Magic Love Crow!

I think you will like what I have done with them.
I moved things around and found 2 wonderful frames.

First here are the 2 new additions!

First "The Tree"
(as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it and went right to her store on Etsy to get it!)

You can see why I wanted it!  It is beautiful!
I love the crows head, and check out the heart!
It makes my eyes smile!

The Second one she sent me was "Night"

This one is beautiful as well, love the colors and it goes so well with the others I have.
When I look at it makes me feel peaceful!

It is like each picture I have of hers makes me feel a certain way!
That is why I love her work so much!

Okay now when I went to look for something to put them in I found this:

Nice isn't it?
I love how they look in it!

Now you remember this picture:
(Sorry but the glass doesn't like flashes so had to stop flash then was standing in front of light LOL)

But the frame goes great with the Believe one so bought it for this one (The Kiss).

Then I rearranged my wall see:

It looks pretty good ah?
(The Kiss looks better in this picture I believe)

 The only picture not there is the one I keep by my computer for inspiration.

 Here is a picture of my 2 degu, Ricky and Rene.

I don't believe I got such a good picture!.
They are so cute!

Well I have to go, I have so much work to do and I have a deadline.
Will try and get around to reading some blogs tomorrow.
I have ran out of time today.
Hopefully will not be working the rest of the week (my job I mean).

I can not miss my deadline though, I will try to finish before but you know how life is.

So see you all soon!
Alice M


  1. They are beautiful! What a lovely collection you have.

    1. Yes I agree and will add to it! I really do love her paintings!

  2. Hey Alice ;o) I am behind in blogging land! I hope you got your deadline finished!
    My friend, you make me blush! The way you have displayed my art, looks fantastic! Well done! Alice, you don't have to frame all your aceo's! I have lots and I have them in binders, in baseball plastic sleeves, just to let you know, or if you like having them out, you can leave them in the hard plastic case I provide and display them that way. I feel bad you are spending all this money on frames!! But, as I said, everything truly looks great! No more art for you! LOL!
    Take Care and Big Hugs ;o)

  3. I forgot to say Ricki and Rene are adorable!!!

    1. They really are! Their chirping is too!

  4. I know I can put in a special book but for now on the wall! LOL I love them! And the frames~~~the Dollar Store! That is not a lot of money! Even without your paintings I would buy the frames for other pictures! Trust me I have lots of frames on my walls and even when I don't need them I buy them for future things. The Believe frame just seemed perfect for your paintings! And the empty spaces are big enough to add ones without frames! I think ahead ;)
    Don't say that I love art! LOLOL


    PS I am behind too but will slowly catch up!


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