Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Finally got them to post!

Been trying this for a few days don't know if it was my connection or the work I was doing on my pc but here they are!

Taken a couple of days ago.
More kitties and kittens for the Cat Adoption Centre!

Now if you can't adopt from this one check out your local Humane Society or Pet Shop!


Some little kittens!



Some more Kittens!



600 Cats and Kittens adopted so far!!!!

This one is Gabby






And even more Kittens!



Things for sale or auction!
To help raise money to help our furry friends!

 Well don't believe I finally got them up!!!
Hope you liked them!

Remember to check out local centers to see if you can find a new friend, if not a cat,
maybe a dog or another kind of friend, be it furry or feathered or even scaly! 


  1. They are all so beautiful. I hope they find forever homes soon...poor little critters.

    1. Me too!! I am amazed that they have found homes for so many, they are doing well there. It is nice to see our lonely furry friends finding new families. ;) Thank you for dropping by!

  2. Hey Girl ;o) Great to see you! Thanks for coming by my blog ;o) I hate seeing all these cats in cages! They are all so beautiful! I pray they find homes soon!! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Hi Magic! Been so busy and seems like time is passing so fast (must be age LOL!) I know seeing them in the cages is never nice but if it gets them a house, yard and family I am sure they will forgive us.



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