Friday, 5 July 2013

And the weather forecast is

hot and humid with rain!

Baby my cat has decided she likes to camp indoors on days like this LOL!

This squirrel was not happy to find out she was inside where it was nice and cool!


Have a great day!

Alice M


  1. This is so cute Alice! I hope all your fur babies are staying cool ;o) Watch out for those squirrels, they can be sneaky! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you, Baby really loves the tent (the black one anyways lol) and the tunnels, just couldn`t resist taking the picture! And as for the squirrel, well when I saw him he was making so much noise (do not think he liked the firetrucks) just had to grab the camera!

    Actually got the ac for the cats. When I first moved to this apartment in the summer they didn`t want to play because of the heat so got a second hand air conditioner and they started playing again. (Do they sound spoiled to you? LOL) Now happy for it! Sunday is to go up to 30°C and stay there for a week or so yuk!!!!! and that is before humidity! Hope you are staying cool!



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