Sunday, 21 July 2013

Change in plans (more like weather changed)

Well was already to film the cars at the car show leaving, when around 6:50 pm I noticed that some of the cars were packing up.  I didn't here the announcement over all the noise around.

A few minutes later my phone rang, couldn't answer fast enough.  When I got a message from my girlfriend telling me it was 7:00 pm and that Welland was under a tornado watch.

Realized why the cars were leaving!
And guess what?  
There were a lot of cars, and everyone was so worried about the weather that it was the quietest night we ever had when the cars left.  Everyone so focused on weather they did not act up as they left, so we now know it is possible for them to be quiet and respectful!

So since I was ready for filming and taking pictures I focused on the storm.
It was a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning.

I have only gone through some of the videos and pictures, but found some to share for now.
(I have a lot, at least 2 hours of the sky, rain and lightening)

So will post 4 videos and some stills.

First the videos

I call this one "Clouds"

It was taken around 8 pm.  They were coming from the north.  You can see especially near the end how fast the lower clouds were moving.

This one I call  "North sky(over St Kitts, On) during storm in slow motion"

This was taken around 10 pm I believe.  It is the sky over St Catharines, Ontario, just north of us.
I slowed down the replay so you could see the colors more.

This one I call "Forked Lightening in slow motion"

Okay the title explains it LOL!

And this last one I call "The rain"

This one was taken closer to 11 pm, and you can see the rain and the wind.  

Here are some stills of the clouds and lightening:




These six pictures are different frames of one strike!

Hope you liked them!  
Will post more when I find some good ones!

Alice M 

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  1. Alice!!! We were in the same watch! But, in our area, it came and went so fast! Your videos and still shots are amazing!!! You got some great pics!! Happy, you were safe! ;o) Too bad you didn't catch the cars! Maybe next time! Take Care ;o)


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