Monday, 8 July 2013

N2 strikes again!!! LOL (and Kona too!)

Now for something to make you smile!!

A new video from N2, The Talking Cat, and one from Kona too!

This one is a little different from N2's regular ones but I like it too!

Love the concept!

N2 the Talking Cat S3 Ep5 Defender Cat

I love the Ground Shaker and Lightening Paws LOL!!!

Here is one with Kona!!

N2 the Talking Cat S3 Ep4 Olympic Training - Dubstep Cat

I love watching this cat play, she is so cute!

Hope you liked them as well!
If you haven't seen N2's(and Kona's too!) videos before check them out here:


  1. These are too funny! Love them both! Thanks for the smiles Alice ;o)

    1. Your welcome! I love N2 and Kona they always make me smile (Kona is so funny!)



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