Monday, 15 July 2013

Respect and cars

Sorry but was so busy yesterday that ran out of time to post.

To continue on the theme of my last post, Respect.

Now where I live is on the outskirts of town.
We have a problem with people gunning the car and even racing down our street.
People do not use signals or show any respect to those walking or even driving in this area.

This seems to be a problem everywhere, drivers not thinking of others on the road, but I swear it is really bad here in Welland.  People going through red lights, actually pulling in the intersection just as it is turning red so the can turn.  Accident waiting to happen.  What is the rush anyways???

I can go on forever telling you about what I have witnessed cars doing in this town, surprised that we don't win the worst drivers in the country award!

I am really scared what will happen when they open the turnabout here, yes you heard me, turnabout.

Now why they want to put that here I have no idea, but can imagine the accidents it will cause.  Most of the people in this town have trouble following the normal rules to the road as it is.

I do intend on taking pictures of this Turnabout when it is done (to dangerous to stand on that road right now with the way they have it set up).

Now why I mention cars and drivers in this town is because we have a car show at the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario, weekly (when not raining) called Cruise Niagara.  It is a charity event but I truly believe they need to move it somewhere else like the fairgrounds, a place where there is no one living across the street.  Plus if anyone leaves they would have to go by Niagara Street, where I am sure the police can keep an eye on what the do, where they are now has more than one exit and the one in front of the apartment building is a tempting escape that they believe they will not be ticketed. 

Now most of the people attending and participating in this weekly event are respectful, not all are.
When it is time for the show to start not all stay for the whole show so some of them leave early, and  some of the participants and visitors seem to think that they look cool if the rev and gun the cars and motorcycles as they leave (doing it as they enter they could be caught). 
These are not quiet vehicles to start with and the noise can be ear splitting.
There are people living right across the street from this event, bedrooms and living-rooms facing it.
The event only takes place in spring, summer and early fall,
because of this it is hard to close the windows and balcony doors.
If you happen to be watching anything on TV you will miss part of what is said because it is drowned out.
Talking on your balcony or even out front is hard when these people decide to show off.
Even with air-conditioning,  you can hear these vehicles as they leave.
It is loud enough to wake people, even children who have been put to bed.
We have been told that these people are not allowed back if they do this but it seems like there are repeaters, doing it every week.
I am trying to video the vehicles as they leave, but sometimes if I work I can't get there until 6:30/ 7 pm.
For the last two weeks I have had people tell me what I have missed, and they are not happy.
Hopefully I will not be working this week, and will be there from start to finish.
There seems to be a set of bikes that are so loud they actually hurt to hear them (I have heard these bikes myself, couldn't believe they were not ticketed for noise).  They seem to come every week.
To make things worse were the car show is has a echo effect, noise, any noise is echoed back.

This effect also cause another problem.
The fumes from the vehicles(see picture for an approx number) leave fumes hanging in the air for hours, even after they are gone, to the point that some who live in the front of the building across from the show are affected by them, causing coughing and problems breathing for the elderly and young children, or anyone with breathing problems.

Well that is what I have to say will keep you informed.

Maybe we will get lucky and they move to the fairgrounds.

Although we could take all these bad and disrespectful drivers and put them in the new turnabout, block the exits and let them go around for an hour or so, maybe they would learn a lesson!
Every time they are caught the time goes up! 

Alice M


  1. Alice, I do hope it gets changed to the fairgrounds for you guys! This isn't right! I can't believe you are getting a turnabout? Isn't that what they have in England? This is Canada, right??? ;o) Take Care ;o)

    1. I hope they change it to the fairgrounds as well, in the end it is better for everyone. Plus there is a lot of room!

      Yes a turnabout, have know idea who's thought this was a good thing, right on East Main St coming into Welland. Once you go through the tunnel wham there is the turnabout! When it is done going to take some pictures, and see what happens, how long it will last. Will not be the first thing build by taxpayers in this city that would disappear in a year or two. For some reason the city loves to build stuff than demolish it and build something else. They did some nice things on King St a few years back (really liked it)and than decided that they where going to build a bridge a year or so later, tore out what they just build, waste of time and money. Boy I am getting real preachy in my old age LOL! So will keep you up on the turnabout! well got to go. Thanks you for commenting, hope you are keeping cool in this heat wave! Me have to work tomorrow! Pray the humidity lowers!



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