Wednesday, 24 July 2013

They say everyday you learn

something new.
Today I learned something.
I thought I lived in a country that was advanced.
Guess I was wrong.
Earlier I saw on the news about two women who were threatened with death if the did not leave the city they lived in just because they were a couple.
And this was in Ontario.
Here is the link:

‘Some of our members want to have fun chasing lesbos,' says threatening letter to same-sex couple in Kingston

Now that came about because of ignorance of a group of people who feel threatened by something they don't understand, Love.
They think they understand what it is but they don't.  They are bullies and they are training young people to be just like them, plus violent!

Now that really pisses me off!  

Now I really didn't learn something new since I have known that there are people out there like that, but I was not in a very good mood when I saw a commercial on TV a little while later.

Now this was new to me!
It was a commercial from the Hunington Society of Canada.
Here you can watch it too:

Do you really want to know?  It is a film about predictive genetic testing.
Now you would think this would be a good thing, for those who have certain conditions in their family history, that they may carry such as Huntington's. (I knew these kind of tests existed)

"ANYONE could have 
sequences in their DNA 
that can lead to diseases like 
Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, 
Alzheimer’s, vision loss and 
many others."

According to what I could find these test can tell you if you have a certain disease before you show symptoms.  If you are an adult, I can see how this could help prepare you for your future, and take precautions, if possible, to slow down the on set of the disease.  Now I probably would never have a test done like this, to me there are some things I just do not want to know.  Plus, I don't have enough money to live the rest of my life in comfort and pay for medical expanses, as well if I learn I will suffer from a certain disease in sometime in the future. 
 I can also see how these tests can be used for bad things, not for helping people.

But they are a medical test, MEDICAL.

Now this is what I learned, and it shocked me.
I thought we as Canadians were better than this.

"Canada is the only G8 country that 
does not protect its citizens against 
genetic discrimination. This form of 
discrimination must stop now. "

You know the sad part is, that if we lived in a world were everyone is equal and there were no violence or bullys or wars, these test could help us to cure these diseases and more.  People would be not wasting money on stupid wars and politics.  People would not have to have houses and cars to prove they are someone, the money could go towards fixing the world, healing and exploring space.

It is amazing what humans could do if we set our minds too!
I am not talking about the bad things, we are inventive, inquisitive, we love to learn and explore.
If we were not so busy fighting for our lives and feeding our selves and trying to live to the next day, we could be so much more.

We are making advancements in so many things but in stead of making are lives better, they are turned against us.
It is like every new step forward takes our humanity two steps backwards.
Things have to change.
Everyone has to change.
If we don't we, and future generations will have nothing to look forward to but pain and death.

We must reach and grab life!
Use our talents to make this world better!
We need to stop the bullys, violence, hatred, slavery, wars, everything that takes our humanity away!
We need to start now, it is almost to late!
If we don't we will destroy the planet and all the life living here.

Maybe I should have put this on 4abetterworld2morrow(sounds like something I write there), to late it is here!  As long as it is out there for people to think!

See you soon,
Alice M


  1. I live in Kingston and I think it's shameful what's happening with that couple. But they are not allowing those bullies to intimidate them. They will continue to live here with the support of the rest of the city.

    1. Sorry it took so long to answer. I am glad they have the support, why people feel the need to put down or threaten others that are hurting no on, just trying to live their lives and be happy is beyond me.

  2. Alice, I keep trying to comment and it won't let me! Errrr!!!

  3. Ok, that worked! I just wanted to say, it's truly so sad, everything!

    1. I dream of the day when things like this do not happen any more! Glad it finally let you post! That happens to me sometimes, but it has been about two weeks now that it has not happened!



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