Saturday, 13 July 2013

What happened to respect?

Well 2 things happened in the city I live in this week.
Today I will talk about the first one and tomorrow the second one (this one is done every week)

The first was a protest to a cause that is very controversial.
Now I believe everyone has the right to their opinion if it does not harm anyone or any animal.
I do not believe that just because you have a good cause that you have the right to subject others to pain or obscene pictures.

On my way to work one day, I saw protesters, (not something you see often here).
At first I thought good for them standing up for what they believe in.

2 Seconds later was looking up the police phone number.

I could not believe my eyes.
There on both sides Niagara Street were four pictures being held up 2 facing one way and 2 the other, for all to see--anyone in a car or walking.
Now if you live in Welland and are going north out of town, or to the Seaway Mall to shop with the kids, or even Walmart, you had to pass these pictures.

It was a stop funding abortion protest.
All four pictures were of dead fetuses!
And recognizable! 

I called the police and was informed they had many calls about the pictures.
I was transferred to another officer who said that the pictures were legal and that there was nothing they could do about it.  They were considered safe for all to see, no matter of their age.  He more or less said not to do anything to bring attention to these people because it only gave them more press.

A part of me understands why the picked those pictures but my heart and soul is so upset that they had them out there for children (young and old) to see and ask what happened to those babies?
Why do they look funny?

How do you answer the little ones questions?
Sorry honey but those babies are dead.

The pictures are not easy forgotten.
Even children will remember them.
Nightmares, fear of death are to name a few effects these pictures cause.

Now what about those poor people who for some reason lost a child before it was born to an accident or illness?  An emotionally hard and sad time in their lives (even causing depression) now are faced, without warning, while driving down the street, with these pictures.

There are two other groups out there that would be affected by these pictures.
1:     Those who now regret what they have done.

 2:   (these ones my heart breaks when I think that they saw these pictures) Are those who were forced into stopping a pregnancy by a parent, caregiver, husband, or made to chose who should live  - themselves or a child that may not make it to birth.

These pictures ARE WRONG!
Would you like one on a billboard in front of your house?
Does that mean they can show these pictures on the side of a road by a public school, any school?
Maybe they think it is right to have one at every corner.

What kind of message are we sending?
Sure it is fine to take pictures of dead children and plaster them all over for all to see.
Yes I said children, these people believe that these fetuses, are children, so they are showing pictures of children - dead. 
It is okay to take someones pain and play with it.
These actions prove that they do not really care about life, 
since there main goal is to hurt as many possible,
to stop just a few.

This law must be changed since leaving it up to these people to be discreet, to have empathy for survivors and children who see them, is non existence.

Every person I spoke with agrees the pictures were not right.  With so many other things available to them, they were not needed - especially where young children can see them.
There was one person who disagreed but did not say anything more after I said why I thought they were wrong.

Needless to say any good feelings I had for this group are almost completely gone.
There treatment of others prove their fight is for the wrong reasons, if they were the right reasons they would never have had those pictures there for young and old alike too see.

They care not one bit for their neighbors, family or friends
if this is what the subject them and their children too.

I just hope that other groups think twice when protesting,
you lose any credibility when, to prove a point, you hurt others

I understand the fight of the Pro Life groups but these people have just brought their cause down to a low point, proving "Pro Life" is not the right words if hurting our young and subjecting them and others to things no average person would see is considered right and acceptable.

Thanks for letting me vent, 
I have seen a lot of things in my life and these pictures where very disturbing,
the fact that they were right there for all to see was unbelievable.

Tomorrow respect and car shows.

Alice M



  1. Alice, I agree with everything you have said! I am truly surprised that the police didn't do anything? I am so sorry for all the people who saw these pictures!!

    1. Yes it surprised me as well that they couldn't do anything (or wouldn't) I find it so hard to believe that those pictures are legal to show in public without the option to choose to see them or at least stop children from seeing them. Even on the news they warn you. I hope that they are not doing this everywhere they protest. If they do hopefully people will also complain and maybe we can change it. I don't want anymore people, especially children, seeing those pictures.

      Thank you for dropping by! Always nice to hear from you! :)



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