Thursday, 15 August 2013

Welland Canal Memorial Monument

Since I started blogging I wanted to show you all a park we have here in Welland.
In the park is the "Welland Canal Memorial Monument".
First here are some pictures of the park.
There was a spot of water on my camera lens (from the water fountain) that did not notice until later, but you can still see the images.

Here is a close up of the monument by the trees.


Some flowers by the road.

Now this is what I wanted to show you.
I never had a chance to walk through this park, 
I drive past it a lot but never got a chance to go through it before.
The fountain and what is by it. (You can see a different view from the road)
I even found something I did not know was there.

Check out the statues!

On the other side.

 These are a list of donors.


Now as I was moving to the next part in the park, I looked down and guess what I saw?
 Which made me look around where I was walking.
All around the fountain and the pathway leading to it, is covered in names of people we have lost.
This is a very beautiful Memorial. 


Now there is one thing left to show you.
This park is in downtown Welland, Ontario, on the Welland Canal by the bridge on Division Street (the new one) the old one is a block away on East Main Street.

In the warm months of summer they have events in this park including bands.
They play on the water.
Here is the Band Stand and seats.

 These are rows of cement seats, a little hard to see they are a semi circle in front of the band stand.

Well I hope you like this little piece of Welland that I have shown you.
It is always a pleasure to share beautiful things.
One day I will take pictures of the tiny park between Division St and East Main.
Did not have time when I took these.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the beautiful sites in your own city!

Alice M


  1. What a beautiful park, and a wonderful monument. The memorial pavers are a lovely idea. I think it would take me forever to walk along there as I would have to keep reading!
    Many thanks for following my blog. I look forward to getting to know you.

    1. Yes one day would like to spend a little more time there just to read some of the names. I was so surprised to see them, no one told me about them. I look forward to getting to know you too! :}

  2. This is a gorgeous park! Such beautiful statues! And, I love how they have put people who have passed away into the walk way! Very meaningful! Thanks for sharing this Alice! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. I was surprised to see how nice they made the park. I agree with you, the statues and memorial walkway is such beautiful thing to do. I wonder how you can put a name on the walkway? Will have to check it out. Thank you for visiting!



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