Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lynda Law, great musician, needs some votes!

This lady, Lynda Law has a wonder voice.  You may have seen her here, last October 13, 2012 on my post Wolves and Music.

Here is another video of Lynda Law's:

You can see more of her videos here on YouTube.

Now there is this new site (new to me anyways) that helps get new artists noticed and their music out there to be heard.  The top vote each month gets $10,000 and another $5,000 is split up between the remain artists (except the top winner, of course) by how many votes they get.  Plus some of the artists actually give prizes for a given amount of votes!

Now this site is called ArtistSignal.  My friend is on this site.  Please if you like her music please vote for her here at Lynda Law:  Blackpool, United Kingdom.  This is one of the 4 songs for you to hear:

 "I Dont Want Your Love"- Lynda Law.
I am sure you will like it!
and the other 3 are:
somebody elses guy-Lynda Law
I Am Changing -Lynda Law
Heaven Knows -Lynda Law
Listen to all of them, I am sure you will like them!
So remember vote often, and check out the other new artists as well! 
Share this post so others can check them out and vote as well. ;) 

Good Luck Lynda!!
Alice M


  1. Hi Alice! I'm going out to vote for your friend. I love her voice!!!! I want a copy of the song on the video here. You're a great friend to help share her talent! Heading out to vote and thanks for finding me from Stacy!!! Look forward to following you! Rasz

    1. Thank you! And Lynda does too! Yes the first time I heard her voice I could not believe it. I love to share beautiful things, like her voice and Magic's (Stacy) paintings! I look forward to reading from you as well!


  2. I will vote! She has a great voice ;o)

    1. Thanks Magic! from both of us. I love listening to her songs!



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