Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Well got a surprise watching the news tonight.

It was so sad to here about the 7.7 earthquake (one article I read said 7.8) in Pakistan on Tuesday.  The death toll, last I can see is 45.  With the missing and injured that may rise.

If we as humans stopped wars with each other, quit building weapons, bombs and instead used our resources to invent machines to predict natural disasters, maybe we would not lose so many people needlessly.

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The part that surprised me though was the new island!  It actually excited me.  We have a new island!  A new place to explore.  Sure we have places left here on our planet that have not been explored, we know where the are, but to me the possibilities of this new island are amazing.  What will they find?  This land was buried under a sea.  Never touched by humans, not in a very long time anyways.

To me that is what life should be.  Learning, loving, exploring.  If everyone stopped competing, trying to better each other and fighting, spent their time exploring instead, this would be quite the place to live.  There is so much to explore here on our planet with it's seas and oceans, the north - south poles, rain forests and uncharted islands, and don't forget other things like medicine.  What about inventing?  That is a form of exploring, learning to create new things to help us make life better, tools to make us see more of what we explore.  And Space the ultimate goal!  Can you imagine exploring new planets, stars, moons--maybe find life(I truly believe we are not alone)!  The Universe is growing everyday according to scientists, which means we will never run out of places to explore, we will always be able to grow, learn!  They say we only use part of our brain, a small part, that means we are capable of great learning, maybe we need to explore so that we can learn more about ourselves and how to use our brain.

The way I see it we are a young race, still learning.  Our imagination could take us to the stars but we spend all our time hurt, killing ourselves and our planet.  If we keep going this way we will never reach what we are capable of.  

It is amazing this new island, reminds us of the possibilities of life!  Maybe it will help remind us of what we could have, if we stopped the hating.

I don't know if the island will stay there or if it will disappear eventually, but I do hope the make some amazing discoveries there about our planet and maybe ourselves!

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  1. I thought this was very cool too! I have to say though, maybe some parts of our world are meant to be left alone. You know what I mean? Sometimes, when man puts his foot prints every where, things get destroyed! I just the island is left in it's natural way ;o) Hugs ;o)


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