Saturday, 30 November 2013

Music! Christmas Music!

I love Music!
All different kinds!
I have a very big collection of CD's and cassettes (I know old school).
Every thing from classic to rock.  Just added more Blues(4 CD), Jazz(4 CD), Soul (4 CD), Paul McCartney(2 CD), Black Sabbath  and B. B. King(2 CD) plus a 2 CD set from 1975, that was in the last month.  All with original singers.
One day would love to make cassettes into CD's but the method I have now takes time, lots of time, but it can be done.   I can play the cassettes through my PC, but involves sound card player and a cord.
I need better software for the conversion process.
 Waiting for a cassettes player(with software) that can be hooked up to my PC through a USB port. (Like they have for the records)

I have lots of Christmas music too.
Anyways, yesterday at work I heard a song.
First time I ever heard it.

It is by Train (I actually have one of their CD's as well).

The song is Shake Up Christmas by Train.

I found this video of the song from Youtube.
This should work on Mobile Phones (the first video I had on here did not so switched to this one)

Listen to the words!

I hope you liked it!
(Looks great in full screen!)

See you soon!
Alice M


  1. I love music too, especially Christmas music ;o) Makes me feel great inside ;o) I love this song and video! Thanks for sharing ;o) My friend, I am sorry more people didn't come over for the giveaway! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. I am always surprised when I find new songs (even if they are older than I thought). Actually bought the song from iTunes.
    Well hopefully more people will come over soon. ;)



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