Friday, 8 February 2013

Alice's Wonderland

Had to call this post that!

When I went outside today took my camera with me!!
Glad I got it for Christmas!!  My cell phone could not have taken these!!

They may not be that good but I love how these ones turned out!

You might not know this but where I live they have been predicting the worst storm since 2008 (wow must be getting old that doesn't seem that long ago)
Well they had the timing off, it did not start Thursday as expected but early Friday morning.  Now they say it will end around 6 am Saturday morning.

I love snow, it is very beautiful, especially on trees!!
Okay I love trees!  
They do so much for us and are living things that change as we do.  Even weather changes them.  They grow and mature and some even produce food for us, but all produce oxygen.
We must protect our trees!(they too are a part of our world that needs to survive so we can)
With everything they give us, their beauty is always there for us to see.
I never make fun of anyone who says they miss a tree from the childhood.
Children and even some adults play in trees.
Swings and tree-houses (made safely and in a way not to hurt the tree) can cause laughter and happiness.
There are even those who live in trees, humans not just animals.
In books, a description of a trees can set a mood or atmosphere. 
In a movie send shivers down your spine or  make you stare in wonder.
 On a dark night scare you by knocking your window or roof.
After a long drive, the first sight of the trees by your house, are welcoming.

Even when they no longer live they help us.  
They provide shelter and warmth with their wood.
Trees provide many things for us and is the reason why we kill them before their time.  
We use wood based products every day.

Okay going of base here, I really like trees! :)
My post is about trees but the trees here by where I live.
They are so beautiful in the winter.
These where all taken between 2 and 3 pm Friday.



This one I altered so you couldn't read the signs, it is the trees I wanted you to see. 

These two did not come out the way I wanted but put here because they still look neat.
Yes it is the same tree and it was taken around 10:00 pm.

So these are the trees by my apartment, are they not beautiful??
I have to work in the morning, hopefully I can get a picture of the one tree there, it is my favorite there,
Here is a picture I took awhile back, want a new one with snow!!!
Isn't she beautiful!!!!

Well if have to go and finish writing the reviews for 2 books before bed, so will be back later tomorrow!


'Blind Date With a Book' Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Was checking email and got one from Books Bones & Buffy (check it out great blog!) and found this Giveaway.

Hope over to this Blog  Great Imaginations,  They  have a great giveaway plus there are many reviews of books on this site.  So if you like to read check it out!!

Here is a sneak peek of the  'Blind Date With a Book' Valentine's Day Giveaway! prizes(the first 5),

Dating Profiles:

Name: Mystery Book #1 

For Fun: Cross-country traveling

Favorite Things: Summer days, pyromania, road trips

Seeking reader who loves romance and self-discovery

Name: Mystery Book #2 

For Fun: Space Travel, Assassination, Grieving

Favorite Things: The Promised Land, Botany, Rebellion

Seeking: A reader who finds romantic sci-fi fascinating! 

Name: Mystery Book #3 

For Fun: Surviving the Apocalypse, City Living

Favorite Things: Healthy partners, Non-polluted drinking water, action and adventure

Seeking: A reader who is looking for adventure while surviving the dystopian landscape while taking strolls downtown in New York City.

Name: Mystery Book #4 

For Fun: Séances, Spiritualism, college life

Favorite Things: England, Fringe Science, Murder

Seeking: A reading partner who loves supernatural romance and can forgive a book with a secret past.

Name: Mystery Book #5 

For Fun: Animals, Family Traditions

Favorite Things: Middle school, baby animals

Seeking: Hello! I am looking for someone who loves mythical creatures and middle school adventures!

Isn't that cute!!!  A blind date with a book!!!!!

Check it out, this contest is International, so all can enter (unless mailing address not on planet Earth LOL!)

Have a fun day, remember to read, it is good for the body and the soul!!!!!

Alice M

Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Beautiful Cats with Unconditional Love up for adoption

 Okay some more beautiful kitties looking for homes!
You will notice that a lot of the cats are sponsored,
That means there are people out there who, although can not adopt, are willing to help others adopt!!!!
What a beautiful gift!!  To both the cats and their new human families!!
Think about it, complete strangers giving the gift of love to people they do not know.
Animals are such wonderful creatures, they give love without asking for anything, it is unconditional.
Foxy (my lovely cat) has decided to take some of my pictures from the centre to write a little article about the Cat Adoption Centre.
Maybe when you are done here you can check it out at Foxy's World.

Now there where quite a few cats today, as you will see!

Sassy, Cat of the week, and sponsored!

Rosietta, sponsored.

These four cats are all sponsored.



Now this one if you look real close has long fur,                     ahhhhh so cute!!!!!!

 These four cats are not sponsored but they are all special and maybe soon will have sponsors!
Check out the first one, Olivia, the orange tabby, almost missed her!!!

 These 3 are not sponsored yet either.

and this one is so cute!!!! Check it out, the way he is sleeping!!
Nose right up in the air!!!!!!

I feel really bad, every time I go over there and I didn't notice this sign!!!
I am told they provide the cages. 
These are good size cages and the one is 2 cages with a walk way at the top to go from one to the other.
Here is there site.  You can rig an outdoor area for your animal with worry of them wondering off or attached by another animal. 
Check it out some really neat ideas and they are in many areas of Canada and the USA.

As I said earlier Foxy and I are writing a little article on the Cat Adoption Centre.
Just about what we (I) have seen and the cute pictures and looks of the centre.

Well I will let you go for now.  I have to go help Foxy with her blog.
Not easy translating Meowurr into English!!


P.S. Meowurr (noun) the language of cats, big and small.  Like humans there are many variations of the language but once you understand one form you more or less understand all.



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