Friday, 15 February 2013

Ahhhhhh so cute!!!!!!!

Here are some more beautiful cats up for adoption!!!
These lovely cats and kittens are at The Cat Adoption Centre at the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario
If you don't live around here try your local adoption center  for a cat
or dog maybe even another beautiful animal.














Now this male 8 month old is cute!!  He just would not stop playing so I could get a good shot!

First anniversary is April 2, 2013  so far they have found homes for 404 Cats and Kittens!

Remember to share please, maybe someone in this area will adopt one of these kitties.
Or maybe they will adopt one in their own area!

Alice M

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Ok joined this blog hop, and here is my love story, short and sweet!  I am with the love of my life.  We met for the first time when I was 16 and going out with my first love.  7 years ago, about 3 yrs after I left my boyfriend of 20+ he reintroduced me to him.  Now that is fate.  My first love introduced us and my last love brought us together!!!

Will post kitties in about 10 hours.
Ran out of time to do it today. ;~)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hello!!!! Paintings and Handmade Rings!!!! ;)

Hi everyone!  Sorry been real busy.  Had to move a bunch of things around in my living-room and dining-room.  I got the new TV on Sunday, so had to change things around so could work on PC and watch TV at the same time.  Also gave me a chance to sort through my craft supplies.   Think I am good for the Free workshop "ChakrART" on March 4th.  If you want to join us, check it out by clicking this picture (It will open in a new tab)

 It is offered by Timeless Rituals.

Also have enough for my 2 current projects, plus a few more!  I really should stop buying paints, markers, oil pastels etc.  I am running out of room!!!  

Bad habit with me to stock up on things, like crafts, books, movies, puzzle books etc, one thing for sure will never be bored!  That is why I like being home.  So much to do and not  enough time!!! LOL!

 When dining-room done will post some pictures, the main art for room I will be getting soon (MagicLoveCrow's paintings, cannot wait!!!!).  But for now will share a picture of my new TV, it even has a USB port, YEY!!!!!

Okay this one is the TV and the bottom screen is the monitor I bought a few weeks ago.
The TV is a 51"  HD Flat Screen Plasma(with USB port).
Think I got the better end of this deal, boyfriend wanted the 52 flat screen, back projection TV in the living-room to watch sports!  So he bought me this one!
Okay have some more stuff to show you.  The first time I saw Magics shop on Etsy, I thought will look through it one day (the have many shops there, like a mall on the internet) when you get there you can search for certain things or shops by entering key words in the search at the top.

Well I was browsing around and found a few things.  As you know I like unique things, hand made.
Well look what I found looking under paintings at Grace on Etsy:
Isn't it cute!!!!!!  I have decided to dedicate one wall to the small paints or aceos.  And the other wall will hold MagicLoveCrow's paintings!!!!  

I also found these (another of my weaknesses - think I got it from my mother) at  LiquidCoyote on Etsy
I love rings!!!  I have enough rings to put on all my fingers(and thumbs) and change them every day for over a month without wearing the same one twice!  Plus I inherited my mothers rings as well.
These are handmade, aren't they beautiful!!
Even the boxes are were made too!!
They were on sale, the fourth ring started me off, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it!
See it is a paw print!
Here is the card of the creator.

Well I should end this one, I hope you enjoyed  my purchases, check out the stores at Etsy, you will be pleasantly surprised!  I know I was.

Will be posting again in a bit, new pictures from The Cat Adoption Centre, of some really cute cats!!!





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