Saturday, 24 August 2013

More flower pictures

using my new phone!

They are not the best (I am no photographer) but I like them,
hope you do too!

These are pictures of flowers in my apartment, I get them from the local grocery stores.
They are pretty flowers!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Pictures with my new phone!

Check out the colors!
I have been trying for a long time to be able to get a pic like this!

I got a new phone Tuesday, and it was free with my Fido dollars!
It is a Galaxy SIII!

Here is a picture of it(I got the white one):

Here are some more of the sky!

I also took pictures of this, I am told it is a horse fly 
but I have never seen one that looks or is as big as this one!

One link is 3/4 inches long!

Well time for bed just wanted to share a few pictures!

See you all soon!

Alice M



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