Sunday, 13 October 2013

Well I guess the 2 weeks is not up yet ;(

What I did not tell you in my last post was that my boyfriend started getting pains in his left arm and had this red mark on it.  I thought that maybe he pulled a muscle or something.  I started on my birthday. By Wednesday it was not better so he went to the doctor.  They sent him to the hospital for a bunch of test.  But they could not find anything.

Friday he showed me that there were more marks and it still hurt really bad.  I checked online for pictures of bites etc.  Though maybe shingles but the pictures did not look like what he had.  Finally I called him and told him to go back to his doctor because they will be closed for the long weekend.  He did not get there until 5 pm and she was already gone. (he did not go right away because he was working)

Well yesterday he went back to the hospital because the marks where appearing all the way down to his hand.

Guess what?
It was shingles!  All the pictures on the internet I found were after the blisters had started.

Now he is happy he knows what is wrong, but the pain and itching is not very fun.
The doctor says that the pain can last up to 6 months after the shingles are gone.

Now shingles is not contagious, you can not catch shingles.
But you can catch chicken pox from someone with shingles.

Guess what?
To my knowledge I have never had chicken pox!
Asked my sister and she doesn't remember either.
I remember having measles, and mumps etc but not chicken pox.

He became contagious yesterday so now I am on watch.
God I hope I had chicken pox when I was a young baby, to young to remember,
 because I really don't want them now.  

And if I didn't I can be a carrier of the chicken pox so have to be careful of the children and others I come in contact with.  Chicken pox is more contagious and for longer period of time than shingles.
Also physical contact is not needed with chicken pox.  Shingles needs a form of contact, something they have had contact with or direct contact with the person, to spread the chicken pox virus.

So, please, cross fingers that I have had chicken pox!

Now on a happy note.

Check out the earrings I got for my birthday from Karen (boyfriend's daughter)
Cat Earrings!
Aren't they beautiful!
And sparkly!
Can not wait to wear them!

Plus I got this card from the people I work with:
Kitty again!
I love cats!!!!
Plus it even had money in it.
Another Webkins, maybe a cat this time?
Will let you know!

Well time to go.
Have to find something to wrap boyfriends arm with for tomorrow.
Used the gaze I had already, and stores not open tomorrow here.

Don't eat to much!
Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it!

And have a nice day tomorrow for those who are not!




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