Friday, 25 October 2013

I did it!

Well Thursday I got my first tattoo!
My sister was going to go with me, but had other things to do.
I was supposed to get the tattoo on Wednesday 
but I got called into work so I was able to reschedule for Thursday.

The lady who did my tattoo was very nice and did not make me nervous at all.
I went to a Sleepy Hollow Studios here is Welland.

So here is a picture, my sister really wants to see it, so I promised I would post it here.
Plus so my readers can see it too.
 Remember these were taken about 5 hours after it was done.
I had it put on my right arm.

Once it is healed I will post another picture.

Well I have to go see if boyfriend needs anything, his shingles has proven to be very painful for him, hopefully his medication will allow him to get some much needed sleep. (and me too!)

Looks like I have to wait until November 2 before I am free of chicken pox, although the incubation period for adults is about 14 to 16 days (which ends Monday) but can be up to 21 days.

Well I hope everyone is doing okay and having a nice day!

Alice M

PS The building I live in is putting in automated doors for the handicapped in the building.  They started installing them today (Thursday).




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