Saturday, 23 November 2013

Check out this Giveaway!

Christmas Giveaway!
from Lil'shy

A chance to win a Red Satin 14" throw pillow case!
Here is a picture of the material and of the case on a pillow (hopefully will be getting a better picture for Lil'shy soon)


So enter the giveaway, it runs from today to December 26, 2013 at 12:00 am.

Right now there is at least 12 chances for entries.  
This may actually increase if they find more people to share the giveaway on their blogs.

So come back and check to see if more chances to enter are available.

Good Luck! 

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Busy, busy, busy and new things!

Sorry I haven't been around but worked 7 days in a row, than spent Saturday and Sunday trying to relax. 

I wanted to share some things I got at the Kountry Kraft Show about a week ago.
First I got this new scarf for Foxy.
This is Foxy wearing it ;) 

This stuffed homemade kitty with pillow.
Sorry but did not get a card for this one or a name.
I bought this 2 magnets from Shotz by Kelsey. 
If I find a web site or facebook page for her will let you know.  
  Here are two cards that I got at the craft show.
We bought something from both booths.
   This lady makes necklaces and ceramic buttons etc.
Here is her Facebook page, Black Mud Studio.  On Etsy Black Mud Pottery Studio.
This is one of her necklaces, but my sister is using it to decorate her curtain.
(we both seem to use things different than what they are made for)
 This is where the curtain is, in her living room. 
This next card is from the lady I got my new ring from.
Actually sister bought me this butterfly ring as part a my Christmas present.
She also bought herself some wooden roses.  
Aren't they pretty!  And the are made of wood!
 I bought 2 mystery bags (money raised for Help a Child Smile)
This is bag 1.
 This one was bag 2.

Well that is it for now.
It looks like I will be working more for the next few weeks, someone is on sick leave for a while.
Be back soon.

Alice M(Aj) 



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