Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Paintings

Hi all!

Thought I would show you what I have been doing this week or so.

Last year some of you might remember my Christmas project, my ginger bread Village.
 (I have another gingerbread house that I intend to do next week to add to the Village) 


  This year I have another project.
8 Paintings.
I have been collecting them for a couple of years.
I bought them at the dollar store.
The canvas has a Christmas drawing and all you have to do is paint them.
Four are more or less done.
The other four I am still working on.

Here the are, even the unfinished ones.
The first four are finished but thinking of adding a little more glitter before I spray them.

 These next 2 are almost done.

Still trying to figure out what color to put on the inside of the fire place etc.

 This one needs a little work, trying to fix the colors and add glitter.

And this last one I don't like the colors so still needs lots of work.

When they are all done will show you them again.

One year I made Christmas tree decorations. (painted ceramic and wooden ones).

Will have to think of what to do next year. ;)

See you all soon.

Hope everyone is doing well, and ready (or almost ready) for Christmas.
Remember the best gifts come from the heart not the wallet.

Alice M
 PS:  Remember the Christmas Giveaway!  Enter to win a red satin throw pillow case here.



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