Friday, 3 January 2014


Some time for my favorite past time (besides reading).

Well my hours have been cut again, actually had 5 days off in a row!

Of course 3 of them was getting my apartment back in order, Christmas decorations put away, furniture back in place (than decided to change the room around LOL, so moved the furniture again!)

Went out for New Year's Eve, to bingo in town than my boyfriend picked me up from bingo at 9:30 pm and we went to the casino.
We did not get back until 7:40 am New Year's Day!
And we actually came home with more money than we left with!
It was lots of fun!

I have to work tomorrow for 5 hours, than find out what happens next week with my hours.
The girl that was on sick leave is now back full time I believe.

Anyways I do have some pictures to share :)

First some pictures of some of my Christmas presents.
These prove that those that love me know exactly what I like.

My sister and her family gave me this picture of a tiger.
Here are 3 different views, they all look like the tiger is looking at you.
It is a 3D picture!

Plus this beautiful Wolf Calender.

Years ago me and my girlfriend saw this cup, and I wanted to get one but we couldn't find it.
Well she found it and gave it to me for Christmas.
Check out what it says!

And my boyfriend found this for me.

It is a cat tea pot!

He also gave me (just before Christmas) this Christmas Tree from Scentsy with Mandarin Moon wax for it. 
(Beautiful scent for Christmas).

And his daughter gave me these cute kitty earrings!
(Do you see the theme? Cats!)
And I also love wolves!

And this bracelet that has A for Alice on it.
And it goes with the bracelet my secret Santa at work gave to me (plus a round scarf and nail polish).
Bling! Yes!

I received many nice things this Christmas (including my favorite gift cards for Tim Hortons!  Another collectors cup plus some ornaments for next years tree), 
wish I could post all the pictures. 

I did buy some new ornaments before Christmas.
These four stuffed ones.

I also bought some Christmas flowers.

 This one is still getting more blooms!

I also got some new tins for under the tree.
Here are two of them.

 And check out my Halloween Rat, I made him in to Santa Rat! lol

 Well that is all for now.
Tomorrow I will show you some of the pictures I took after the Ice Storm just before Christmas.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

Alice M


  1. Hey Alice ;o) Great to see you! So happy you had an excellent Christmas ;o) You got some great goodies! Love them all!!!! Your new tins are cool!!! Love your bling and that tiger picture is fantastic! You must have been a good girl, to get so many nice things ;o) LOL! Glad you came home with more money! Doesn't work that way for me! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Magic!! Great to see you too! Yes it was a great Christmas, my friends and family know what I like! I am blessed that way! I hope next time you go to a casino you have fun and luck!! 2014 just may be you year! It sure seems to be my boyfriend's(he was really lucky)!!



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