Friday, 3 January 2014

My pictures from the December Ice Storm!

Here are the pictures I took the morning after the ice storm.

First though it looks like I am working tomorrow (Sat) for 5 hours and Monday for 6.5 hours as well.
Both girls in the front are sick so will cover part of their shifts for them.
I just hope my doctor doesn't find out I am standing more than 4 hours a day!

Okay now for some pictures!!

We were lucky no one was hurt in our area or much damage.  
We did lose power for a few hours all over the city, we lost power here for about 8 hours but it was early morning (approx 1:30 am to 10 am) and some did not notice it was off that long.
The other side of town did not lose power until later in the morning or afternoon so they noticed it more.

These were taken on Lancaster Dr in Welland, Ontario, Canada the day after the storm.

Here is a couple of close ups of the branch hanging over the sidewalk from the picture above.


It is amazing how beautiful nature can be as well as dangerous!

Hope you liked the shots!

Alice M


  1. We were out for two days! I know some people were out for more than a week without power! We had lots of damage in our area, and we still have a thick layer of ice in many places! Especially on our driveways! Wish some would melt! Now, another storm tomorrow! I hope it's not that bad ;o) Love the pictures!!! Take care of yourself! ;o)

  2. So sorry to hear your power was off so long! Luckily here it was only approx 8 hours for most. Hope you made it through this recent one okay! Here my building super took a reading on the roof yesterday and it was -61c (glad I live closer to the ground!) White outs and cold, quite a few accidents but have not heard of any more long power outages around here. Although we had two water pipes break here, they fixed the first one and than the other broke. One was at the front and one at back glass doors (we got lucky the glass didn't break) Everything working again now thankfully, hot water and heat (we have old heating system runs on hot water).

    Glad you liked the pictures!


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