Friday, 17 January 2014

Quick note: New Painting

Just a quick note.
My neighbor, a very nice lady, gave me an original oil painting today (Thursday).

It was her parents, and she had no room for it and asked if I would like it.
I actually had room for it!
So I said yes.

I love paintings (I think you guys already know that).

Anyways here it is (it is approx 4ft by 2ft):

Nice isn't it!
I just would love to take a walk down that path. ;)

There is another thing I want to share but will have to wait till Friday to confirm it is legit.

So for now, good day.
Live everyday to it's fullest!

Enjoy Life and Love it!

Alice M


  1. Wow, this is a large painting! It is stunning!! Beautiful! I know you will cherish this painting forever!

    1. Yes I think so too, kind find info on artist though. but now I have cleaned off that wall, I know have a bit more room for pictures. Can't wait till I get my income tax return! ;)


  2. Hi Alice and Happy New Year! What a great painting! I would love to walk that path and see where it leads also. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Rasz! and Happy New Year to you too! I love paintings, who am I kidding I love art in any form! LOL love unique and beautiful things. I am just happy that now people can see it, that it is not hidden under a bed!


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