Friday, 24 January 2014


Well went to make an appointment to get my new tattoo, got lucky and did not have to wait!

I did not get it from Sasha this time but from Kyle also at Sleeepy Hollow Studios.

And instead of getting 1, I got all 3!
So I am balanced again! LOL!

Anyways here are the pictures of the tattoos.
Remember they are only about 8 hrs old.
They will look real nice once healed.
 This one went on the top of my left lower arm.
 This one went on the inside of my left lower arm.
 And this one went on the inside of my right lower arm.

I love them!

One left to get, but that wont be for awhile.
And that one will hurt a bit, for sure.

Well have to work tomorrow, and still have a few things to do before bed,

See you all soon!
Remember, enjoy the little things in life, they can bring much happiness!

Alice M 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Came out better than I thought it would ;)

  2. Love the tats! So very you! You definitely are what you wear!


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