Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why am I wasting my time on people trying to scam me on my own phone??????

Time, where does it go??? 
It seems like there is not enough time to do everything I want to do!

Anyways, last time I posted I said I had something to share but didn't want to say anything until I confirmed it.  Well it has been confirmed!

We have new owners where I live.
They asked the tenants to sign up for a newsletter (delivered to email box approx 4 times a year) well I said why not and signed up.

I was the only one in the building to do it, how sad.
Anyways every new person to sign up was entered in a draw to receive $100 off the next month's rent.

My name was drawn!
So I will have an extra $100 that I do not have to pay out!
Guess what that means?
New Tattoo!
Might get it on Friday before work, if not, may have to wait until next week or so.
Either way can not wait!
I will finally feel even, felt lopsided with a tattoo only on one side.
(I always said I was weird LOL)

Now to talk about something more serious.

The phone calls are back.
I want to warn everyone not to listen to these people when the call.
Never listen to someone who says that they are from Windows unless you, yourself contact them, if the call than get a phone number to call them right back.  Why anyone would call Microsoft instead of the registered seller/dealer of your computer.

Any ways, the best way to protect yourself is never give out your real name, email, passwords or and I stress this:  never give anyone remote access to any of your computers or tablets etc.

Also if you computer or table has a camera, cover it with tape when not in use, or disable/ remove.
Hackers are smart, very smart.  I myself always turn off remote access on all my computers etc.
Only only once did I ever open it, and that was for a company I worked for and knew.
Once they were done I turned it off again.
There are many ways to protect your self, but the best way is to never give out password or access to your electronics.

Here is what the call, that came in, looked liked to me.

This guy, James Williams, called and said he was from Windows, and that my computer was sending Windows messages and that it (my computer) was downloading a lot of stuff. Give me a break, windows (Microsoft) would not call me. Also the name came up V01220236530035 (if that an online phone number?) Most importantly I know my computer inside and out literally! There is nothing wrong with it. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!! Never allow anyone remote access and never EVER give out you password or any personal information on the phone or an email!!! I told "James" that I would call all my friends and warn them and if any got a call from him that I would report him! He hung up! Please be careful of information you put out there and warn friends and family not to fall for this scam! 

Now I registered this information on 3 different sites:

and my personal favorite:

All these sites you can enter a phone number and see if others got the same call/scam or a different one.
You can add new numbers with you own experience.

If every put what they knew on these site maybe finally the governments around the world would do something about these people.  

Many are threatening, bullying, rude etc.
Not only are they breaking the law calling us, they invade our personal life, threatening to call back or worse break into you computer and more.

I had one call me every day at-least 10 times, for over a month.
He changed his phone number it seems every other day.
but the calls all came form the same area.
But because it was out of country the police here only took a report with the info I had.
I have a good cell phone service that changed my phone number for me (charged me than put a credit on bill so I did not have to pay it.)

Okay don't normally do this but I really love Fido!!!

Well yesterday was Hug day!
Hope everyone got lots of hugs!
I think everyday should be Hug Days, Hugs make you feel good, and lets you know someone cares!

{{So here is a big hug for you!}}
Well must go see you all soon!
Alice M


  1. Big Hugs My Friend ;o) Thanks for the great post about scamming! Those people are pricks! You know what, just this morning, I got this call! I said to the guy, I know this is a scam and I believe in karma! Something bad is going to happen to you and I hung up ;o)
    It's great being weird ;o) I'm weird too ;o) LOL! Congrats on the $100.00! Yepee! You deserve it!

    1. I just hope no one gets scammed! Thanks for the congrats! Check my new blog post to see what I got for the money!



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