Monday, 5 May 2014

How much is one human life worth? $12?

Was not sure where I should post this.
Decided here would work.

Please bare with me, I broke my glasses so I may miss spelling errors (or chose the wrong word to fix, great app but not when you have trouble seeing LOL). 

Anyways, lately we have been hearing about many accidents, plane gone missing, ferry tipping over, bombs going off, natural disasters... you get the picture.
Today saw something that tore my heart out.
Worse is that today was the first I have heard of it.
It is acts and thinking like this that is destroying our world.
As long as people treat others as possessions, things to be sold, raped or killed, 
our world has no chance.

If we turn away from these acts, 
ignore them,
they will keep happening.
 How many young people do we need to lose before
the world opens their eyes?
Stands up and makes these people accountable?

I don't understand why this was not all over the news when it happened.

       Why no international effort for 200 kidnapped girls?

Selling them for as little as $12.
Because they dared to get educated?
From what I read, they don't want people to learn, 
not just the girls but everyone.
Bet they are educated, some of them anyways.
They want to bring us back to the dark ages.
No medicine, no clean water or air,
no better ways to farm.
And that is just the basics.

We need to stop these people.
All of them.
Not just this group,
but any that takes our children!
They are our future!
Don't these people realize that what they are doing,
will not get them what they want.
A simpler world, one without computers and equal rights, 
a world that died hundreds of years ago.
Even that world was not perfect.
Sickness, superstition, war.
They want to go back to a time when diabetics died,
epileptic's were consider insane or possessed. 
When people died more from a cure than the sickness itself.
Where there was no birth control, incubators and vaccines.
A time when rape, abuse and murder where considered a part of normal life.
When will these people realize that it did not work in the past,
and will not in the future.
We need a new world, one where everyone is equal,
has the right to learn, does not fear walking down the street or 
speaking their mind.
We need a world where heath care is for everyone and
reaching for the stars is the norm.

I believe that people should have the right to choice.
People like these kidnappers, terrorists are forcing their beliefs.
That is not right!
Gather them up, give them an island,
but nothing else:
no modern things, computers, cars. tractors, phones, medicine.
No boats, gas, hammers nothing.
Tell them they can not leave the island and can not contact the outside world.
Make it illegal to trade with them.
Only people allowed on the island our those that believe as they do.
No one is allowed to leave ever.
Maybe in a couple hundred years check on them.
See if they still believe like the original occupants.
If they have built a perfect world, don't bother them.
I would be surprised if they are still alive.

Well gotta go.
Work tomorrow morning.

Here are some links to check out about the girls.
Remember to do something nice for someone!
Alice M

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  1. This is so terrible and sad!!! I can't even imagine this happening and it is!!
    I agree, put these people on an island! I would personally forget about them and never check on them again!


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