Saturday, 15 February 2014

Humanity. Does it exist?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I know it is a little late, but as they say better late than never.

I had a blog planned for today but of course news got in the way.

Sochi, of course.

Over the last month or so have been hearing horror stories coming out of that country.

Human rights violated, people not getting paid, abuses and deported without pay.

Than all this talk about terrorism.

Even if only half of what I heard is true, why are they allowed to have the Olympics there?
Is this the kind of things we want to promote?
I mean the next host will believe they can get away with what ever they want,
 I mean why not, Sochi did!

I am not a sports person but I do understand why they have the Olympics.
But there should be some ground rules for the host of the games.
If you are spending millions of dollars, make sure you can afford it.
Don't hire people you can not pay.
Do not dictate to the world who can or cannot come to the games.
If you are violating human rights, the game should be postponed or even cancelled
until another location can be found.

I always thought the Olympics was to help bring the world together,
 to celebrate those athletes who are in the top of their field.
What it really is, is a way to prove to the world how much money you can spend.
To out do the last country.

I think from now on which ever country hosts the Olympics,
there should be some rules.

Instead of allowing each country to design their own stadiums etc. there should be a uniform 
blueprint/layout, to be used for each country.
(Just think how much money can be saved when it is your turn to host again) 
A budget that is approved ahead of time, and proof the moneys are there to pay the bills.
If the country can not afford to build, than they should not even be considered.

Or maybe find an island, suitable for the winter Olympics,
 make it international - run by reps from each country. 
Each country to build one event arena, be responsible for the upkeep. 
Or pool the money and have a group responsible for the upkeep of the island.
Better yet, use the island for all international events.
No more competing for who is better.

Now I have felt this way for awhile (actually thought it would be better not to even have the Olympics).
Not all countries are involved with this and other events.
So it is not really a world competition.

All I could think about lately when I think of the Olympics is what a waste of money the event is.
How some people can get away with breaking so many laws/rights
 and still have people flocking to their country.

I no longer care at all about the Olympics.
I do not care who wins. 
I do not care how many medals each country gets.

The last straw was something I saw today on one of the blogs I follow.
It actually made me cry, and upset me because I did not know this was happening, or trust me this post would have been written long ago.  
You might think "What this upsets her?"
Yes it does, but it proves that this country does not have respect for life in any form.
If this was put out there a year ago, and kept in the news
Sochi would never had a chance to break so many laws and hurt so many people.

The way I see it, this Olympics is Sochi should have never happened.
This was pointed out a year ago.
Killing animals without mercy, animals that were abandoned. 
After the first reports were confirmed about the human rights breech, 
the Olympics should have been moved or cancelled.

I am ashamed I even listened to any part of the games.

To me all this proves is that fame and money are more important to humans 
than human or animal life.
I know no one is perfect, I certainly am not.
No country is perfect, no matter where you live, you know that too.

But I really thought that there was a spark of respect for others including animals.
Maybe I am talking to a brick wall, that I really can't change things,
 but I truly hope that I at least touch one person out there 
who finds this as appalling as I do.

This does prove that in this day and age, 
that countries and people all around the world
 feel like they can do what they want to anyone or anything
and be able to get away with it.

Hay why not, Sochi did, and look at all the countries that went and competed anyways.

A couple more articles that might interest you:
(Imagine what we are not hearing!)

Alice M

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A whole WEEK off!!!!

Well it looks like I will get a whole week off!
I worked yesterday (Monday) and I do not go back until Feb 18, 2014!
I am more of less caught up on my house work 
(just basic stuff like vacuuming and dusting, general straightening up).

So now I can get more work done on my blogs and work on the course I am taking.
Actually that is why I did not sign up for anything this year.
I am going to still read (will never stop that!)
I will be updating my blog "My Books and Reading" and will add titles and comments when I finish each book (that is one of the goals I set for myself.)

So later today will get a chance to catch up on some of the blogs I follow and check out Google+ (I really miss the nice pictures and stuff I find there.)

But for now I just wanted to say HI!

And share a couple of pictures of Little Boy (one of my cats).
When I started typing he would not leave me alone, he wants to play.

Surprised I got any pictures that were clear!

And not to be out done, the other 3 decided they wanted attention too!
First Foxy. 

Then Sweetie.

Poor Baby had no room to go the table.

and what did Little Boy think?
I think he was a little mad.
He was still on the table behind my monitor!

Well must go get some sleep.
See you all later!

Alice M



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