Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Will you be wearing pink today?

How will you be showing your support towards stopping bullying?

Today is February 26, 2014 and it is pink shirt day!
Show your support against bullying.

I know that most think of kids on days like today,
 but I would like to point out that kids are not the only victims.

It is sad that we need a day like this, 
but if it helps to spread the word to stop this crime than I am all for it.
I believe we should always help those that are being bullied.
Young or old.
Every day of the year!

Lately I have been hearing a lot about seniors and/or disabled 
being bullied into paying more for services etc. 

I have to tell you this one, you would not believe that they get away with this but they do.
A neighbor of mine went to the drugstore about two weeks ago.
I did not find out until Friday what happened.
She went to pick up the vaccine for Shingles (a painful illness you would not want to wish on anyone)
She is a senior and in a wheel chair.
She has to pay for the vaccine because it is not covered by the seniors medical plan offered by the government here (actually the government does not pay for the shot for anyone that I know of.)

Anyways, most drugstores do not carry this vaccine because of it's expense
 and that it has to be stored properly in a fridge.
Her drugstore got her the vaccine under the condition she picks it up as soon as it came in and 
take to the doctor so he could give it to her.
Perfectly logical thinking.
The drugstore offered to and got the shot for her.
The problem came when she went to go to the doctor.
Now not many people here know this but seniors get a discount when they take a taxi.
When the meter is put on the driver is supposed to hit a button for the senior discount.
The drugstore is across the street from where I live 
and her doctor is a half a block down the street from where I work.
It costs me approx. $18.00 to take a taxi to work (why I don't normally take one), 
but I have taken a taxi about 4 times in the last year.

She called Grand Taxi (here in Welland, Ontario) to pick her up at the drugstore 
and take her to her doctor.
She has a wheel chair so she needed a special car, well van actually.
It usually costs $5.00 extra for a wheelchair transport.
When she got in the taxi, the driver told her that the meter did not work.
Than she was told that it would cost $40.00 for the ride that costs me $18.00.
She said she couldn't afford $40 and in the end they charged her $35.
They knew she needed the ride, she had no choice.  
She just spent $175. on the vaccine and had to go to the doctors before the shot turned.

They bullied her!
Not only did they not have a working meter (so that she could get the seniors discount) 
but they outright lied on how much it would cost to get to where she was going.

The most it should have cost her without the discount was $23.00.
She lives on a fixed income.

So today don't just think about the kids, think about others being bullied!

I got these so that everyday I think about it 
and to remind others to think about it as well!

So if you can wear Pink today!

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