Friday, 9 May 2014

5 Seconds can save your life! Everyone should do it!

Okay, normally I stick up for the little person,
but saw something tonight just couldn't believe.

Now this might make some people pissed off at me,
but if you think about it,
I would not be writing this if one person took 5 seconds to do something.

Years ago I was taught always to make sure what you are receiving is actually yours.
After all, we are human and humans make mistakes.

Was watching the news tonight (by accident), 
just finished watching a show on the DVR and it stopped before I could delete.
And there was this news story on about a drug store.
I actually watched this one story at least 4 times.
(kept rewinding it)
Could not believe what I was seeing!

At first I thought that someone screwed up really bad,
put the wrong prescription in the wrong blister.

That is why I kept rewinding it.
That is not what happened.
I went on line and found the video.
Here is the video and a link to it.

This couple is suing for millions of dollars,
because one of them took medication from someone else's blister
for days!

Here is a picture of a blister pack.
This is not shoppers,
but blister packs have a side with the list of meds and the patients name:
In the video it shows you their blister and you can see the label on it.

I can see the repercussions already.
This happened in Ontario.
People are pissed off when they are asked for 
ID when they pick up narcotics or tax receipts.
What will happen when every thing you pick up you have to show your ID?

Their excuse is that they thought that when the bag was scanned that their name comes up.
They took the bag home, without checking the label on the bag.
I deal with this drug store, I get my meds from there.

Each bag has a receipt in it (and on it).
On the receipt inside, it has your name, address and a list of your drugs
(which you should put in your wallet in case you ever go to the hospital) ,
pretty sure the name and address is on the bag as well (in case it has to be delivered).
The blister/bottle also has your name on it.

If it doesn't have your name on it, why are you taking it?
If you see the pills and they don't look like what you normally take---
don't take them!
They said that there was new pills in the blister, 
why did they not check what and when they are to be taken.
This is something that they should have checked.
But even is they did not want to, 
they should have checked the name! 

5 seconds to check the name.
2 Seconds to check the pills before you swallow them.
Is it to much time and effort to keep your self healthy?

With any medication you take you should always check the label,
for the directions, precautions and the drug's name,
and yours as well.

Most people will stop taking drugs, or at least contact their pharmacist or doctor
if they are having unpleasant side effects 
(things that should have been discussed before the pills were taken),
I mean this man was not in the best of health,
he should have inquired about possible side effects. 
In fact when I get a new prescription the drug store puts an information
sheet inside the bag about the drug, it also has my name on it, right at the top.
If you don't get one, ask for it.

A little time would have saved these people a lot of problems.
Sure the drug store is at fault for giving you the wrong bag,
but it is your responsibility to make sure you know what you are taking 
and what you are taking is yours.

I really hope that they do not get millions for this.
They do not deserve it.

I do think though that maybe they should have a nurse,
or someone in their home to dispense their medication 
since they have proven they can not do it themselves responsibly.

I myself would be a little embarrassed to go on the news to tell this story and announce that I am suing.
I probably would have done it only 
to make people aware of the dangers of not paying attention.
To warn people to do what they should always
check the name and directions, possible side effects to the drugs you are taking.
To always check that you are picking up what is yours.
To not take something unless you know exactly what you are taking.
I would not be blaming the drug store.
Not when there is someone else name on it!

It is like calling the hydro company and complaining that 
your bill is to high, than realizing that it has someone else's name on it.

But the result of all this?
Think about it the next time you are asked for ID when picking up a prescription.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I am sick of Winter!

I was working on another blog for someone 
and realized that I had to get rid of the winter photos on my blog.
I have to think Spring!

So hope you like the new look.
I wanted something pretty and cheerful.

I always use my on photos.
I took these ones last year, 
and believe it or not they were taken inside!

Here is a few more I took at the same time.

On another happy note:

I got a call today.
24 hours after dropping off my glasses to get replaced.
I can see, they got the new frames and put in the lens in less than 24 hours!
Really thought I would have to wait til Friday maybe even Monday.
What a pleasant surprise!

Well I have to go,
see you soon.

Remember to do something nice for someone your know
or even someone you don't.
Kindness is catchy.
Maybe we can start an epidemic!
 Alice M

Monday, 5 May 2014

How much is one human life worth? $12?

Was not sure where I should post this.
Decided here would work.

Please bare with me, I broke my glasses so I may miss spelling errors (or chose the wrong word to fix, great app but not when you have trouble seeing LOL). 

Anyways, lately we have been hearing about many accidents, plane gone missing, ferry tipping over, bombs going off, natural disasters... you get the picture.
Today saw something that tore my heart out.
Worse is that today was the first I have heard of it.
It is acts and thinking like this that is destroying our world.
As long as people treat others as possessions, things to be sold, raped or killed, 
our world has no chance.

If we turn away from these acts, 
ignore them,
they will keep happening.
 How many young people do we need to lose before
the world opens their eyes?
Stands up and makes these people accountable?

I don't understand why this was not all over the news when it happened.

       Why no international effort for 200 kidnapped girls?

Selling them for as little as $12.
Because they dared to get educated?
From what I read, they don't want people to learn, 
not just the girls but everyone.
Bet they are educated, some of them anyways.
They want to bring us back to the dark ages.
No medicine, no clean water or air,
no better ways to farm.
And that is just the basics.

We need to stop these people.
All of them.
Not just this group,
but any that takes our children!
They are our future!
Don't these people realize that what they are doing,
will not get them what they want.
A simpler world, one without computers and equal rights, 
a world that died hundreds of years ago.
Even that world was not perfect.
Sickness, superstition, war.
They want to go back to a time when diabetics died,
epileptic's were consider insane or possessed. 
When people died more from a cure than the sickness itself.
Where there was no birth control, incubators and vaccines.
A time when rape, abuse and murder where considered a part of normal life.
When will these people realize that it did not work in the past,
and will not in the future.
We need a new world, one where everyone is equal,
has the right to learn, does not fear walking down the street or 
speaking their mind.
We need a world where heath care is for everyone and
reaching for the stars is the norm.

I believe that people should have the right to choice.
People like these kidnappers, terrorists are forcing their beliefs.
That is not right!
Gather them up, give them an island,
but nothing else:
no modern things, computers, cars. tractors, phones, medicine.
No boats, gas, hammers nothing.
Tell them they can not leave the island and can not contact the outside world.
Make it illegal to trade with them.
Only people allowed on the island our those that believe as they do.
No one is allowed to leave ever.
Maybe in a couple hundred years check on them.
See if they still believe like the original occupants.
If they have built a perfect world, don't bother them.
I would be surprised if they are still alive.

Well gotta go.
Work tomorrow morning.

Here are some links to check out about the girls.
Remember to do something nice for someone!
Alice M



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