Friday, 16 May 2014

Now that truly is a Big Bike!!!! ;)

Every year The Heart and Stroke Foundation raises money in a unique way.

I am lucky and have been able to see it from my apartment every year!
This year decided to share some videos and pictures.

Now every time the Bike goes around there is a different business or group of people on it.
It holds 30 riders, peddling.
It is something to see!
And looks like a lot of fun!

Read here for more information on the Big Bike:

So here are the videos (2 of them)
and some pictures.



(posted videos on YouTube, once it is finished editing will put them here)



Neat bike ah?
And it runs, rain or shine. 
Will see you soon!

Have a great long weekend to all my Canadian viewers!

Alice M 



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