Sunday, 17 August 2014

Baby Animals!!!!

Sorry it has been so long. 
 I broke (more like shattered) my right wrist just over 8 weeks ago and typing with my left is not easy.  It is still healing, the little pieces take longer to heal I am told.  I have started to be able to move my hand, but am not supposed to use it.

The hard part is I am right handed, surprising how you can't do the little things!
Also try using a computer mouse with the wrong hand, I still have to be careful not to click something and delete or change it (have done that a few times already!)
And most of the games I play, can't because they are timed and can't move mouse fast enough!

But I just had to post these pictures I took Saturday Aug. 16, 2014 at a local pet store. 
Been waiting two weeks to take these, here are a few.

A black Lemur (full grown)
 A baby Arctic Fox
and I got to pet him!

 Baby Kangaroo  

 Ring-tailed Lemur
Check out his tail!
 With a Lynx cub

 And a baby Squirrel Monkey!
 This little guy's tail is so long!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

See you soon!

Remember to be kind, and help others, even all our animal friends.
Alice M



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