Tuesday, 10 November 2015

People are .....

Hi everyone!
It has been a long time since I wrote anything.
After I broke my wrist, it was impossible to type, and once it was healed it took practice to type again. Even now it is not as easy as it used to be, my hand movements are restricted.
My typing is getting better but it does not take long for my wrist to get sore.
Then just as I thought life was finally getting back to normal-every thing seemed to change, and not always to the good.
I actually stopped myself from posting for fear of writing something that would either get me fired or for posting something that would be taken the wrong way.
Well I have decided that if people can't handle the truth, that is not my problem, I will try to refrain from mentioning work.
So, first thing, why I have decided to start posting.
It seems that having an outlet for my thoughts was a good thing.  Without the outlet, things just seem to build up and make my life miserable.  It seems that the "happy" moments seem to come less and less.
And that is just not right!
The topic I have chosen for today:
Have you noticed that most People are .....I really want to say:  stupid?
There is a saying "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Since I was old enough to understand what this meant, I have always believed it to be a truth of life.
If you want respect, you have to have respect.
I swear that if I treated some people the way they treat me- I would prefer to live the rest of my life alone, away from everyone.  How do they wake up every day?  Do they not have any feelings?  The sad part is that I know for a fact that some of the people in my life do this on purpose and not only to me.  They are unhappy and believe that what they are doing will bring about events that will give them the power and control over others, that this will make them happy. They will never be happy.  They don't seem to realize that what they are doing will actually have the opposite effect.  Even if they succeed in their goals, there will not be a true friend around them. We all know that when they realize this, they still will not accept that their own actions has made their life miserable, they will blame others.
The real sad part is that they take me away from the people I would rather be with.  I miss my friends and family, I miss the way they make me feel.  I don't get to talk with them very much either anymore. I don't want what I feel to rub off on them.  Thank life for my boyfriend, or chances are I would have given up on people a long time ago.
I may not be able to remove myself from all of these people, there are to many of them.  I can remove myself from the situations that bring the these people into my private life. .
Everyone has the right to be happy.

Well I have to go for now.
Remember to be kind to others, but also to yourself as well!

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