Friday, 26 February 2016

People, are we losing our ability to feel for others?

I was going to write about how bad the people around here drive, than I saw the news.

People on a plane actually clapped when a boy and his family where escorted off the plane because the child had an allergic reaction to dogs that where present on the plane.

This is wrong on so many levels.  Now a days so many people have allergies.  People allergic to many different things.  We seem to adjust to these medical conditions in most cases, but the attitude of the people on this plane is unbelievable.  They clapped while the 7 year old and his family where taken from the plane.  That will be a memory the child will never forget.

On the news they said that the person with the dog refused to leave the plane.  If it was me I think that first I would want to know where the family was going and why, but that did not seem to occur to any one.  Not one person asked.  They just wanted the boy and his family to leave.  How can people clap because a 7 year old was so uncomfortable and itchy?  What are we turning into?  And the sad part is that is not the worst part of the story.

I hope every person on that plane feels really bad right now.

I hope when they got home and watched the news their heart sank.  That the high they got for clapping while that family was getting off the plane, dropped down so far that they will think twice before behaving like unfeeling humans ever again.  I hope that they where stupid enough to brag about what they had done before they saw the news.  This way showing every one they know how uncaring they are to a little boy, that they chose an animal over a small child, might actually be a lesson they will never forget.

It turns out the boy and his family was on a trip -to visit family, it was on the boy's father's bucket list.  His father is dying, with stage four throat cancer.

It is amazing what we teach young people.

Than we can't figure out why they treat others so badly.

Here is the article about the flight.  From
Boy removed from plane over allergies, passengers applaud

Please remember be kind!
Treat others as you would want them to treat you!
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